Saturday, March 21, 2009

How to Trade Currencies Online

How to Trade Currencies Online

Currency prices are fluctuating each day. Teach yourself how to invest and trade in currencies online and make extra cash for your family.

EDUCATE YOURSELF - The currency market is called forex. There are numerous online sites that will teach you how to navigate the forex market for free. You will not need to pay anyone to learn the skills necessary to make money. Read everything you can on the subject. It is not as difficult as it first appears, do not be intimidated. You can learn it! I recommend for an excellent education on currencies.

PRACTICE - Look up forex online and find a reputable online broker. I recommend Start a practice account. It is free to start and use a practice account. You will need to practice for a minimum of 3 months before you start trading in your live account. Remember practice makes perfect, do not skip this step.

GET STARTED - Fund your live trading account. If you are starting out with no funds, I recommend having a garage sale, selling your items on eBay or having a bake sale to raise money to get started. You will only need a minimum of $250.00 to start, but it is recommended that you start with $1,000.00 to $5,000.00.

GOOD LUCK TRADING - Start trading. The forex market is open 24 hours a day, from Sunday to Friday. Find out the times that work best for you. Fridays and Holidays are not usually the best time. Trade during the busiest times, such as late evenings and early mornings. Many training sites will tell you the best times to trade. I recommend for daily currency advice. Good luck!

It is a lot of fun and you can make a little money on the side if you learn to trade currencies online.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Warren Buffett Says This is The Time For Stock Trading

Warren Buffett Says This is The Time For Stock Trading

Warren Buffett gives excellent advice when it comes to stock trading. He says that when everyone else is afraid to buy, then buy. When everyone else is buying like crazy, then sell. We know this is good advice because we can see his results, this guy is going gang busters.

Even in the down economy he is still doing well. His stock trades for $100,000 or more most of the time. Can you imagine that. One share of stock that is over $100,000. This is a guy that we should be listening too.

The investors that have listened to him and purchased his stock 20-30 years ago are sitting pretty right now even with the bad economy. Listen to Warren Buffett buy stocks now, and if you do not know anything about stocks start learning about stock trading.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Now Is The Time

Now Is The Time To Buy Stocks
You have been waiting for the bottom and so have I. The time is finally here to start investing in the stock market. Just about everything has reached its bottom.

Right now, I like brk/b, mos, mtl, pcu, fcx and x are at an all time low. This is the time to get into the stock market if you have been out or get back in. There are so many great deals out there.

I just can even believe how low Berkshire Hathaway is right now. Under $3,000 is a bargain. Of course it is a very reliable stock belonging to Warren Buffet, you know that he will pull it out as soon as possible. It is such a great deal this week.

I guess that the stock market has proven that they hate Barack Obama. I think that most investors are probably conservatives. The market does not seem to like anything that he does.